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Every dog or cat owner in the United States has probably seen online, and even offline, ads for CBD pet supplements and treats. This is a trend that is about to catch on even more in the coming years, but the question remains, what is it that has created such a booming economy for hemp derived CBD in the pet nutrition care industry? Taking a look at the recent legislative decisions and scientific findings provides a good answer to that question.

The Famous 2018 Farm Bill

The 2018 Farm Bill passed last year in December is more famous than any previous US Farm Bill in existence because it legalized industrial hemp-derived CBD in all 50 States under federal law.

The situation is still extremely complex even after the 2018 Farm Bill, since the allowance in question is only applicable to industrial hemp-derived CBD products, and not CBD in general, which also comes with a lot of limitations and restrictions.

Nevertheless, it opened up the US to a huge portion of the CBD industry, which is now estimated to be worth more than $22 billion. Often described as the next “Gold Rush,” everyone seems to be on a mission to make the best of the new opportunity and this huge market, which includes the pet nutrition and care industry, as well.

The Actual Benefits are Quite Impressive

One of the main reasons behind the success of CBD supplements and treats for pets is the fact that they are medically proven to be effective in treating a whole range of problems in dogs and cats, without many of the side-effects which are experienced by the pets on using prescription meds.

Take, for example, the CBD products for large dogs by Canna Companion, which they say help with improving canine mood, reducing pain, boosting immunity, improving gut health and even aid in free movement through reduction of arthritic inflammations. It is easy to understand why these supplements are so popular among dog owners. Unfortunately, the same benefits cannot be expected from every brand seen on the internet or at a pet store, which brings us to the next, important point.

The Risk of Poor Quality

In spite of the many benefits of CBD supplements in dogs and cats, the rush to make money from the booming industry as soon as possible has resulted in a lot of inferior and potentially dangerous products getting out into the market, necessitating better quality control measures to be implemented for protecting the well-being of pets that consume them.

It is ideal to stick to renowned and well-established names, such as Canna Companion, while buying any CBD pet products, rather than cheap products from overnight brands which do not have a verifiable history or process for consumers to confirm what they are selling exactly.

In the near future, when cannabis in general is approved by even more US states for medicinal use, the entire industry will likely overtake many competing industries with an overwhelming margin, but that cannot happen until more research, backed up by hardcore facts, is completed. Furthermore, due to the sensitive nature of canine and feline physiology, stricter quality checks need to be put into place for preventing both damage to the CBD industry’s reputation and the health of pets in general.

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