This Fancy New CBD Subscription Helped Me Find My Perfect Dose for Every Sh*tty Situation –

Like everyone and their mom, I’ve sipped the CBD Kool Aid (which doesn’t actually exist, but Kool Aid Man, if you’re interested, HMU). The thing is, research has shown that cannabidiol—the stuff in weed that chills you out without turning you into Animal Planet’s #1 fan—has real anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects. Plus, the Food and Drug Administration recently approved CBD as a treatment for severe epilepsy. So, yeah, there’s definitely some science to support all the buzz.

But even with the loads of companies trying to strike it rich selling CBD ev-er-y-thing, there’s still something missing from the market: namely, trustworthy guidelines for how much to take on any given occasion. I recently took it upon myself to try all of the cannabidiol oil brands I could get my hands on to aid my stress, sleep, Sunday scaries, and big meetings and while most of ’em worked, I was still just guessing how much I needed to feel the effects without going overboard.

Enter, Feals, a new subscription service that’s trying to take the guesswork out of finding your go-to dose with the help of “flights,” or three vials containing 40 mg, 80 mg, and 160 mg of CBD oil. The company recommends feeling out the 40 mg tube before working your way up to 80 mg and beyond.



SHOP NOW Feals CBD oil flight, 40 mg, 80 mg, 160 mg, $20

When I got my three test vials after work one day, I cracked open the lowest dose, which smelled like straight-up weed, dumped it under my tongue, held it there for 30 seconds before swallowing, and then…waited. TBH, I didn’t feel much, so I decided to give my 80 mg tube a shot (literally) the next night.

And, well, wow. Twenty minutes later, I was hella relaxed and giggly. My muscles felt loose, my post-work stress was at an all-time low, and I was ready to go to bed at least an hour earlier than I normally do. It felt reaaaaaaaal nice, but it was definitely too much to take at work or in a situation where I needed to be, um, mobile. This was a little too high for me, unless I wanted to pass TF out immediately.

So based on my experience with the 40 mg vial and the 80 mg vial, I made some predictions: I’d probably only need about 50 to 60 mg for normal sleeping purposes. For situations where I’d need to combat stress but still get stuff done, 30 to 40 mg would probably do it for me.



Then I put my theories to work. When my full-size bottle containing 600 mg of CBD (1200 and 2400 mg bottles also exist) arrived, I was pleased to discover that the tincture dropper had markings so you could measure down to the 10 mg. A full dropper was about 40 mg, half was 20, and a fourth was 10.

Leading up to my wedding, my never-ending to-do list kept me up at night. I knew it was time to bring out the big, 60 mg guns (about 1.5 droppers). And it worked! I was able to fall asleep before place card panic came for me. And most nights, I conked hard up until my alarm went off. Sweet, sweet success.

When it came to day-to-day anxiety, including my wedding (lol), I stuck to about 40 mg worth of drops. I popped them once a day as needed, including five minutes before I walked down the aisle. It worked like a damn charm. My butterflies were gone, I wasn’t groggy, and I felt like myself—just less frazzled.



SHOP NOW Feals CBD oil, 600 mg, $75

Then there were the days when I needed some extra inflammation- and anxiety-fighting power (read: epic hangovers). When I woke up inflamed and hangxiety-ridden, I downed 40 mg, waited an hour for it to pass, and if it didn’t—which TBH, happened a few times—I took another full dropper. I’m not sure if the hangover was fading or if the CBD actually made a dent, but I did feel better a few hours later.

Though this stuff definitely works, it’s not cheap. One 600 mg bottle will set you back about $75. However, with a monthly subscription (which you can pause or cancel whenever), you’ll save about $22, or 30 percent. But the coolest part of Feals—the flights—will only set you back $20. To me, that isn’t bad considering it could save you $75 if you decide it’s not for you. And hey, no one says you can’t take what you learn about dosage from the Feals flight and apply it to other CBD products. You do you.

Oh, one other thing—remember how it smells like weed? Yeah, it tastes like it, too. It’s kinda gross (sorry, Feals), but since it’s only in your mouth for like 30 seconds, it wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

In conclusion

There are a lot of rando CBD brands out there, and trying to find out how many mgs you need to get your dolla’s worth feels like a very unofficial science experiment. And until there’s a better way to calculate your ideal intake, this is probably your DIY option. I stan.

SHOP NOW Feals CBD oil flight, 40 mg, 80 mg, 160 mg, $20

Senior Editor Ashley Oerman is a senior editor at Cosmopolitan, covering fitness, health, and sexual health.