Necedah considering allowing CBD shops | Regional news – WiscNews

Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, has become all the rage in Wisconsin lately. Soon the village of Necedah may get in on the booming industry, as the village board discussed looking into an amendment to allow the sale of CBD oil as a conditional or permitted use.

“It’s not going away because it’s becoming more and more popular,” said Necedah Police Chief Tony Hiess during a village board meeting July 8.

The decision comes as Kwik Trip in Necedah has started to advertise CBD products.

CBD products currently come in many forms, including oils, gummies, health and beauty products, coffee, edibles, vapes, and even pet supplies.

CBD oil, which is derived from hemp, contains little to no tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC. Marijuana is also derived from hemp but does contain THC, which provides the “high” effect when consumed, which raised concerns for Hiess.

“Some people are going to try to sell stuff with other stuff in it,” Hiess said.

Necedah Village President Scott Carter shared some concerns, but was willing to look into allowing the shops.

“Kwik Trip is going to be safe, they aren’t going to sell (THC products),” said Carter. “But is a person selling it in Joe’s Smoke Shop going to have the same level.”

Peter Blum agreed, allowing that the possibility of shops is something worth looking into, but expressing concern for “the message also that we’re conveying to our kids.”

Flooding Concerns

A group of farmers from south of Necedah, near Marquis Energy, took the period of public comment to raise concerns about the Necedah Dam’s effect on flooding.

“The dam is causing all sorts of problems,” said Necedah resident Mike Grasz. “This is a sand basin, water just goes through the sand and it doesn’t stop. Then when you raise the water level it just flows around.”

According to Grasz, his farm is struggling to cope with water levels.

“The fields, I can’t put anything in,” said Grasz. “Why should I pay taxes when 60 percent of my land is underwater.”

Grasz asked that the board lower the water level before the dam.

“We don’t control the dam heights enough to do what you’re asking,” said Blum. “I’m listening and trying to understand, because I’d like to help you, but I don’t believe this entity has the ability to help you.”

According to Blum, the DNR controls the water level at the dam.

“It’s not the dam,” said Carter. “It’s all because of one thing: the rain. It keeps raining.”

Carter said that the rain is raising the water table to the point where the water has nowhere to go. The board pointed Grasz to the drainage board, who could assist in ensuring that ditches for water drainage in his and neighboring farms and roads are correctly managed.

Other action

In other action before the board, the board:

  • Approved operator’s license renewals for Lisa Dahl of Sportsman’s Bar and Gerald Georgeson of Poor House.
  • Approved an estimate for the recodification of general and permanent ordinances.
  • Approved the purchase of lift station controls for Harvey St. for a price between $2,800 and $3,500.