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Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from cannabis and hemp plants is a fat/oil soluble substance. It means that CBD will not dissolve in water or any other solvent except for oil-based solvents.

Our body contains around 65 % water and CBD being fat/oil soluble becomes resistant to dissolution in our blood and further metabolism in our body. This is the reason why many CBD products are not very effective when taken via regular methods like ingestion with food or as a gel. Thus it has been a barrier to use CBD with regular water or making a decoction with water. With the advancement of science and technology we now have CBD products which are water soluble.

How Is Mile High Labs’ Water-Soluble CBD Made

CBD isolates, which contain only CBD extract is made water soluble with an advanced process called nano-emulsification. What it does seems quite simple. First, the isolate is dissolved in a fat/oil based solvent which lacks any color or flavor. Often these oil solvents are derived from natural sources. Common oil solvents used are olive oil, coconut oil, and other vegetable oil.

The dissolved CBD in oil is now passed through a high pressure emulsifier. What it does is, the high pressure outlet creates very minute drops of the CBD dissolved oil. These oil droplets have sizes in the nanoparticle range, and hence called Nano-emulsion. This nano-emulsion is then modified with surface binding molecules called surfactants, which help them disperse in either oil or water solvents. The surfactants are molecules that dissolve in oil/water alike. So this makes the CBD molecules trapped inside these oil droplets to disperse uniformly in both oil and water.

This enhances the bioavailability of CBD in our bloodstream and breaking it down in our body becomes easier. This will improve the efficiency of the sought-for effects and also reduce the time of onset.

Mile High Labs, a reputed manufacturer of CBD isolates and products, have reported the production of water-soluble CBD emulsion particles of the size of around 200-300 nanometers. Having a smaller size allows the particles to have a higher surface area and a high surface to volume ratio. Hence this improves the surface efficiency of the particles in the overall solution. Meaning that the oil droplets coated with the surfactants will have better chemical interactions with the body cells.

The prepared concentrates can be included in bulk compounds prior to any filtration methods and this leads to very less alteration in the production and packaging.

Mile High has brought up two water soluble CBD products in the market recently. One of their products is CBD isolate named Cannabidiol Water Soluble which contains around 20 % CBD without any additional cannabinoids.

Their other product is Broad Spectrum Water Soluble. This contains 10 % CBD with additional hemp derived terpenes, alkaloids and flavoring agents which give better flavors and compensatory effects. Currently, they are offering 1 and 5-liter packages of these products.

Final Thoughts on Water Soluble Cannabidiol

Water soluble CBD is a gift from nanotechnology to humanity. The advances in chemistry in the CBD industry are making a stride towards better usage and results of CBD products. With the help of better and successful techniques, the booming industry will be able to offer different CBD products which are more effective, cheaper and readily available.