From Salon Marketplace: Soothe sore muscles this summer with this cooling CBD rub – Salon

Part of the ritual of getting inevitably older is learning to deal with common aches and pains. From sore lower backs and tight neck and shoulder muscles to longer recovery periods after a workout, you’ve probably learned to just quietly suffer through the discomfort. But there’s a better way to experience relief than just slathering on your usual pain cream and popping an ibuprofen — instead, use this Cold Therapy Hemp Rub.

This cream uses 100% US grown hemp with other soothing ingredients like aloe vera, arnica and chamomile to immediately pacify sore muscles and joints. It’s perfect for all sorts of ailments ranging from arthritis to back pain, fibromyalgia to sciatica, carpal tunnel and other chronic pain.


Using a non-concentrated hemp oil to enhance the benefits of pain relief, this cream applies easily and leaves behind no greasy residue. That makes it perfect for massage applications on larger muscles and parts of your body (whether you’re doing it yourself or bugging your partner to help you).

It’s also easy to take with you pretty much anywhere you go, so you can even experience the same pain relief once you get off an airplane or post-commute. Usually, this Cold Therapy Hemp Rub is $45, but you can get it here for $37.99.