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Silhouette images on the various products show the types of pain relief that can be experienced when using Elixicure. Products target arthritis pain, muscle soreness, sprains, strains, aches, bruises, and cramps, among others.

Not only were the improvements to the packaging design for aesthetics, they also support a more user-friendly POS system, since the type of applicator is now printed on the top of the box. This allows the seller to save time and keep a more efficient inventory.

Imagine how great immediate pain relief will feel! Purchase products here now to see and feel the new packaging for yourself: https://elixicure.com/elixicure-plant-based-pain-relief-with-cbd/

About Honest Globe Inc & Elixicure:

Elixicure is manufactured by Honest Globe Inc., developers of Over-The-Counter (OTC), luxury cosmetic, health and beauty products. The company’s products are made with naturally derived ingredients, using certified industry-standard manufacturing practices (cGMP’s).

Elixicure and Honest Globe comply with the most rigid standards set by the FDA, which established Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) for the Food, Beverage, Drug, Cosmetic, Medical Device and Supplement industries. GMP Guidelines outline and identify minimum operating and testing requirements and standards that manufacturers must meet to ensure products are consistent in quality from batch to batch and safe for human use or consumption.

We believe in honoring our connection to nature. Our vision is to improve the quality of peoples’ lives by creating high-quality effective plant-based products.” –Eyal Kotler, CEO

For more information visit https://elixicure.com or https://honestglobe.com/

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