CBD Or Is It The Placebo Effect?

CBD Or Is It The Placebo Effect?

Placebo or No?

This is another video of HapTics Medical grade Themal screening of CBD. I was brought CBD from a nice lady that wanted to know if the $70 she spent on CBD to help with her pain was worth her money or was she is experiencing the Plasibo effect.

I explained that CBD is not the cure all and nor is HapTics body alignment therapy, BUT good CBD and good body alignment therapy can change a person.Unfortunately, CBD right now is being toted as the “a cure in a container”.

This nice hard working lady which stands on her feet all day at work had surgery on her left knee and inflammation could be seen. On the right shin inflammation could be seen due to compensating for the left leg. This is very common, because if a knee or foot is hurt a person they will try and get the pressure off that side of the body and in return develop pain issues on the other side of body.

So, her particular CBD is supposed to take the heat from the area of concern and so we tested it under thermal imaging. After 5 minutes you can see for yourself what happens.

We then took the CBD HapTics is currently testing and applied it to the right shin to see what would take place to the leg she is compensating with.


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