CBD Oil for Pain! How it helped me and can help you too!

CBD Oil for Pain! How it helped me and can help you too!

CBD oil helps replenish the cannabinoids our bodies need to function properly! It’s the master key to unlock the Endocannabinoid system which in turns helps all other systems function better!
It helps maintain homeostasis in our body!

CBD oil is the non psychoactive component of cannabis. THC is the component that gets people “high”.

The Farm Bill that passed in December 2018 sets the parameter of CBD oil having .3% THC or less.

CBD has been helping people with sleep, pain, anxiety and depression and much more.

The benefits of the 24 hour full spectrum transdermal square are many! Much more absorbable than drops under the tongue! And longer lasting due to the timed release of the patch!

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Available March 23, 2019!

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