CBD Oil as Treatment for Tourettes Syndrome – My Story

CBD Oil as Treatment for Tourettes Syndrome – My Story

UPDATE – I have been using CBD everyday.

This is the CBD I recommend because it’s full spectrum:

I suffer from Tourettes syndrome and have several ticks. Throughout the months I’ve been using CBD oil as an effective natural treatment.

CBD Hemp Oil is not the cure to Tourettes but it does help reduce my ticks and makes it easier to cope living with this disease.

I believe CBD Oil is a real medicine which should be promoted more regularly to others who live with life impairing diseases like myself.

My ticks were progressively getting worse for the last 2 years, until a friend of mine from my Tourettes support group recommend CBD Oil as a method to calm my ticks. Surprisingly, over the last few months it’s really worked and that’s why I’m a believer in CBD OIL.

My vocal motor tics have started to reduce drastically. Tic disorders can make life a struggle. I am thankful for such supportive parents. I wish I could say for certain how to stop ticking tourettes but there’s no absolute solution. Only ways to help stop motor tics.

Please feel free to comment and ask any questions because this is a sensitive topic for me. Touerrete’s disorder support is always around the corner. Please seek a loving, supporting group. They helped me deal with my vocal tic disorders as well.

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