Brooklyn man launches CBD oil product to help dogs cope with trauma – News 12 Bronx


Cannabidiol oil, or CBD, has become a new medical alternative for seizures and nausea for some people, so a Williamsburg man decided to make a product for dogs.

Minchul An spent thousands of dollars trying to cure his dogs of separation anxiety. 

“I’ve pretty much tried everything from trainers to buying those like life vests and stuff like that and just like more natural remedies for anxiety and it really hasn’t helped,” says An.

When he found no other permanent solution for certain behavioral issues worked, that was when the licensed pharmacist created “Buzz’n,” made with CBD, a compound found in cannabis. 

“What I typically recommend is you always want to start low and go slow and sort of introducing it into their diets,” says An. “Ideally you can put it in their mouth directly. My dogs do not take it that way, so I just mix it in their raw food and it’s flavorless so they don’t notice it at all.”

The Williamsburg resident noticed a difference in his pooches’ behavior.

“I slowly started introducing CBD and three months in, he was just a completely different dog,” says An.

However, it does have some side effects.

“Typically diarrhea, any stomach issues like that, just because it increases your GI motility,” says An.

For those wondering if this remedy will get their dogs high, An says the product contains zero THC.

“You’re not going to dope up your dog whatsoever,” says An. “Our product is a broad-spectrum product, so it has zero THC, it’s just really the cannabinoids and the terpenes that are just super good for you.”

It can be used by pet parents as well, but there is a human version that has added flavor.

Buzz’n is available online and in some pet stores.



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