Best CBD oil brands in USA -Pharmacist shortlist 2019

Best CBD oil brands in USA -Pharmacist shortlist 2019

Video time index (use to jump to the bit you want from video) :

0:26 – introduction

2:43 – Research tool for best CBD brands

6:02 – Price comparison of CBD brands

6:54 – Populum CBD oil review

9:46 – Hemp Meds CBD oil review

11:47 – Ananda Hemp review

12:50 – Charlotte’s web (CW west) CBD review

14:16 – Delta botanics CBD review


17:33 – Conclusion

I review the best CBD (cannabidiol) Hemp oil brands in the united states of america, and suggest my shortlist. I also give you a step-by-step method to research your own CBD oil brand.

The medicinal benefits of cannabis for conditions like anxiety, pain, cancer and depression have been well documented.

My favourite CBD brands from this shortlist:


To see the FULL list of the brands and my ratings visit:

also check out my playlist of youtube videos:

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