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SUPHANBURI – Thailand’s government is treating for free thousands of patients suffering cancer and other illnesses with an until recently illegal brew of marijuana boiled in coconut oil, a concoction created by Daycha Siripatra who says a mind-reading Buddhist monk helped tweak its recipe.

Daycha also teaches the public how to make cannabis oil themselves, which is as easy as cooking soup on a kitchen stove.

An agricultural expert, Daycha is now government-licensed to make, prescribe, and distribute his now popular Daycha Oil to the public for common or serious ills. It wasn’t easy to get licensed. In 2019, Thailand legalized medical cannabis, but not recreational or unlicensed use.

Almost two years ago, Daycha was nearly imprisoned. Police, military and anti-narcotic officials raided his makeshift laboratory in April 2019, seized about 200 marijuana plants and extracts, and threatened to jail him.

Supporters, patients, local media, medical experts and others voiced outrage. To avoid caging an altruist who appeared to help more than 8,000 cancer patients, a compromise was arranged.

The Office of Narcotics Control Board returned his marijuana plants and extracts. The Health Ministry quickly awarded him rare licenses to continue his work.

Today, among 16 approved medicines containing cannabis, the government’s Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine (DTAM) uses Mr. Daycha’s “formula” for its DTAM Oil brand.

Daycha Siripatra, founder of the Khaokwan Foundation in Suphan Buri province, Thailand. Photo: AFP Forum via Bangkok Post/Apichart Jinakul

“I gave them [the formula] for free because my patients were too many.

“From us, about 20,000” patients currently receive Daycha Oil for free, he said. “From the government, more than 100,000” people receive DTAM Oil for free through dozens of hospitals and clinics.

His interest began 10 years ago when he worried about contracting cancer after several relatives died from the disease even with chemotherapy.


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