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Dear Sound Off concerns people who leave messages but mumble or can’t be understood. — Heloise

“Dear Heloise: I got a message on my answering machine this morning, and I can’t understand a word of what’s being said. The girl on the other end was mumbling, so I have no idea who called or why. Last week, I got a message with the words ‘and stuff’ ending every sentence. Doesn’t anyone teach people the correct way to answer a phone or leave a message? It’s as though correct English and enunciation have been thrown out the window.” — Antonia H., Lexington, Mass.

Unnecessary info

Dear Heloise: I use my computer to watch movies, order items and other things. Lately, I’ve noticed that a number of sites that claim to be free want me to register and provide credit card information. If it’s “free,” there should be no need to hand out such information, and yet they won’t let me use their so-called free services without supplying this information. So I no longer will use their site. Why do they want this financial info? — Stephan B. in Dallas

Stephan, you’re correct: They don’t need it, and you should not be supplying that kind of information to them. They might not charge on your credit card, but they could still sell that information. If enough people refuse to give this information, they’ll have to reconsider their policy. — Heloise

CBD oil

Dear Heloise: I’ve been hearing all sorts of things about CBD oil. Since it can be made from marijuana, will I get high if I take it? — Taylor V., Bozeman, Mont.

Taylor, some CBD oil comes from marijuana, but you will not get high from using it. Nor will CBD oil derived from hemp give you a buzz. At this time, there are many studies that have been published on the health benefits of CBD, and new information comes out every day about CBD. Do your research to see if it might benefit you to try it, and also check your state’s laws related to the allowed usage of CBD. — Heloise

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