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MESA, Ariz., Oct. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Veteran owned CBD company, Patriot Supreme, is pleased to announce the launch of its upcoming CBD Gummies Reverse Black Friday Sale from November 1-27, 2020. With a mission to support veterans, military members, first responders and frontline workers, the sale aims to bring savings to those seeking a lab-tested and triple-certified CBD product containing 0.00% THC. 

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Beginning November 1, Patriot Supreme’s unique “reverse” sale will give shoppers access to savings on its best selling product, CBD gummies containing melatonin. The gummies are set to retail for just $1 USD on November 1, with the price of the product increasing by $1 each day until November 27, Black Friday. The CBD gummies will be available for purchase at these prices online via Patriot Supreme’s official website. Shoppers must be at least 18 years of age to purchase.

“Our company was created with the mission of helping veterans, military members and everyday heroes achieve the highest quality of life possible,” says Justin Elenburg, Patriot Supreme’s Founder and CEO. “As a disabled veteran, I understand the pain– physically and mentally– that can plague veterans and everyday heroes. We also understand the importance of having a safe, lab-tested and clean CBD product option.”

Formulated with melatonin and an average of 25mg of CBD per gummy, the company’s bestseller is gluten free, kosher, halal, and vegan. Sweetened with glucose syrup, the gummies are said to have a multi-fruit taste.

“Our CBD Gummies have become a hit with our audience since entering the market, especially with those having difficulty sleeping. As our bestseller, we are pleased to offer them during our Black Friday sale in November,” Elenburg notes.

Patriot Supreme reports experiencing enormous growth in the CBD and hemp industry over the past year, with sales exceeding 400% in the first quarter. The CannaSafe certified company is known for its completely transparent, THC free and triple certified, lab-tested hemp products. All of the CBD it uses in its products is GMO-free, organic, and sourced from reputable US crops only.

According to the company, its quickly expanding product line has become a staple in the veteran and military member community, particularly for its product and company transparency. All Patriot Supreme product lab analyses and certifications are available to the public on its website.

“What we know is that veterans and frontline workers specifically seek CBD and hemp products on the market that they are confident are safe and pure. For example, a number of our customers need to pass drug testing as part of job requirements, and many products on the market today do not allow them to do this as they contain very small quantities of THC. Our products contain zero THC whatsoever, and we show the scientific evidence and certifications that back this up,” Elenburg states.

In addition to its transparency and product quality initiatives, Patriot Supreme created its Hero Program, which allows customers to give a free product to veterans and a “hero” of their choice for every product purchased. The company is committed to contributing a share of the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project.

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